Jorge Martin, Spanish-language secretary of the International Marxist Tendency, spoke to the UCLU Marxist society on the crisis of capitalism in Europe. See below for the audio links to the introduction and reply to the discussion.

Jorge Martin gave a Marxist explanation of the history and class interests in the formation of the European Union, from a Steel and Coal trade pact towards a single currency. He explained the contradictions of the system, particularly the growing gap between highly productive Germany and the South of Europe, the social impact this is having throughout Europe - including the conditions forced on German workers - and why it cannot be sustained.

Afterwards a very interesting discussion ensued, with questions about internationalism, whether the European Union was a progressive entity, the prospects for a working class-led revolution in Europe and the various nationalist-reformist programmes of worker parties throughout Europe, including the Communist parties.

The European Crisis of Capitalism - Introduction

The European Crisis of Capitalism - Summing-Up