The second event of the UCLU Marxist Society Freshers' week was a screening of the film "Debtocracy". 

"Debtocracy" (2011) is a Greek documentary film about the deep economic and political crises in Greece, offering an analysis of the country's debts and loans from the IMF and the ECB, and referring to the experiences of Argentina and Ecuador in similar economic circumstances. Finally, it suggests a solution to the crisis - writing off the debts. 

Click below if you missed the film, or you want to see it again!
Alan Woods of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) and author of "Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science" and "Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution", will speak to the UCLU Marxists on Thursday October 3rd on the subject of 'What is Marxism?'

Listen to Alan speak to the IMT World School on World Perspectives, where a delegation from the UCLU Marxists (see Gallery) were present.