by Sam Bayliss, UCLU Marxists
Slavoj Žižek, a Slovenian "Marxist" philosopher and cultural critic, spoke at UCL's European Institute on Tuesday 26th November on the subject of "What Does Europe Want?", with Srećko Horvat, a Croatian philosopher with whom Žižek recently co-authored a book of the same name. Žižek and Horvat will attempt to discuss the current problems of the European Union as they see them, namely that the EU has descended into a period of "irrationality" causing widespread outbursts of violence, both from the State and the masses, that, according to Žižek and Horvat runs contrary to the peace and security upon which the European Union is supposedly predicated.

By Monty Shield
Student-led organizations; a fight to end a rise in tuition fees amid government debt; protests; government opposition… surely this is a situation that sounds very familiar to the average UK student, who could now leave university with around a reported £53,000 worth of debt? 

PictureThe second Egyptian Revolution!
By Timur Dautov, UCLU Marxist Society President

“It is only when the “lower classes” do not want to live in the old way and the “upper classes” cannot carry on [ruling] in the old way that the revolution can triumph” – Lenin, “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder, 1920.

Lenin’s criteria for a revolutionary situation are applicable now more than ever. Workers and youth of the world, unwilling to put up with inequality, prospects of unemployment and austerity, and refusing to pay for the crisis that they are not responsible for, are yearning for change. From the streets of São Paulo and New York to Tahrir Square and Gezi Park, in their millions they are making their strength seen and intentions clear.