By Timur Dautov, UCLU Marxist Society President
Having taken part in student union elections for the first time since its establishment, the Marxist Student Federation (MSF) can now celebrate its first success, as it had laid the first stone in the foundation of its intervention in the NUS in the coming year. In the recent elections in UCL, the MSF ran two candidates for the positions of NUS delegate, one of whom secured a confident victory. Sian Creely, elected one of UCL’s six delegates to the NUS, will be taking a clear socialist programme to the NUS National Conference in April 2014.

By Sian Creely, UCLU Marxists

The upcoming elections for UCLU’s NUS (National Union of Students) delegates have slipped under the radar of many, if not most, students.  A passing glance at the Union website reveals nothing but a repeated invitation to join the gym at a discounted price.  ‘But hurry,’ it implores against a backdrop of biceps, ‘don’t miss this opportunity to resign yourself to the lack of municipal sports facilities by paying an inordinate sum for the privilege of exercise!’.  Voting for a whole host of Union positions from Faculty Representatives to Student Trustees, on the other hand, starts in a week but unless you’d caught the two second window where this information is displayed on the home page, or fished the leaflet out of your information pack, you’d be none the wiser.  This, a cynic might say, is emblematic of the Union at present- more focused on its profit making activities than democracy, transparency and activism.